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All Right... [21 Jan 2004|10:46pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm not sure why I'm doing this, since I'm not even one of the GM's muses, but regardless the announcement's on me for some odd reason. Look for a game to be held this Saturday sometime after 7 PM Eastern. Hard to believe, I know, but it looks like it's serious this time. As always, look for fun, Skunk torture, and maybe a few strange, new faces. That's about all there is to say.

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[21 Nov 2003|04:53pm]

No game tonight... minor emergency... explain later.
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[19 Nov 2003|09:04pm]

Due to the annoyingness that is AIM, tonight's game will be postponed to Friday night. Any objections, please feel free to beat upon the unholiness that is AIM's website.
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............ [19 Nov 2003|11:56am]

Okay lasses and laddies... time for a moment of truth. The mun's new work schedule starting next week will not allow for any games during the week, unless you would like to play after 10 pm Tuesday or Wednesday. She can probably run games on Saturday nights (HAR!) if Waldenbooks doesn't try to schedule her, or Sunday nights after she gets out of work at Waldens, after 7ish pm.

So... she needs to know your thoughts on this new development.

::resumes pounding on Skunk::
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Rargh... [12 Nov 2003|04:21pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

No game tonight, you guys... the mun has had The Veritable Week From Hell, and has too much to do tonight to run a game. If Noa's around and feels like it, maybe she can do so, but the mun says she can't do it.

Tomorrow is out because she's both on-call at Waldens and if that doesn't happen, there's Beth's game. And this weekend is definitely out.

It's annoying... Locke and I don't get to torture Skunk!

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[06 Nov 2003|11:53am]

Okay. Here are the nights that are free next week...

Monday after 6
Tuesday after 6
Wednesday after 6

Any other day is out. Lunar is on Sunday nights, so that is out. Final Fantasy is run on Thursdays, to that is out. She's working 6-10 on Friday (and her manager bitched her out because she was supposed to work 3:30 to 8:30 for Spongebob, but... well... full-time job and all... so there's a possibility Teenie will only be working one job shortly...). Saturday is the friend Thanksgiving, and she says to Noa that Noa had better be there! >D

All right? Just pop a comment in here yea or nay, which days are good.
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[06 Nov 2003|11:02am]

Mrrgh... game cannot be run this week, then, or this weekend. Too many people are involved in the Lunar game. As soon as I know what my mun's working next week, we'll try to schedule a game.

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[05 Nov 2003|10:08am]

[ mood | cranky ]

::watching his mun tear her hair out and screaming all over the office, dusts his robes off, and walks over to the community of Turbatus::

Okay... don't want to know, so I won't ask... but anyway, she told me earlier she'd like to set the tentative next date for a game either Saturday, or Sunday, night. Just pop a comment in here for yea or nay. In the meantime, I'm going to go dump water on her and see if that doesn't calm her down...

::edit:: Ouch... my mun just kicked me... anyway... no go for Saturday. The mun has to work that night until ten. Sunday is it. I'm sorry, guys... she doesn't have her schedule for next week, neither, so... we'll see what pans out, ke? See ya!

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Meep! [01 Nov 2003|06:22pm]

My apologies, as my mun won't be able to make it to tonight's game, because friends she hasn't seen in ages are having a sleepover, and she completely failed to connect the two events as being on the same day. ::eyeroll:: Silly Mel.

Anyway, sorry about that. I hope we don't miss anything to important! Have fun, everyone!
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[30 Oct 2003|10:00am]

My mun apologizes regarding last night's disappearing act. The Internet went down in the library, and she kept complaining about walking back to her room in the 57 degree weather. I suppose that stems from being a Florida native, but goodness knows the girl could learn to dress smarter for cool weather.
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[30 Oct 2003|10:01am]

Great game, you guys! I had so much fun, especially lobbing that waterballoon at Malfoy! ::laughs:: I will update my journal as soon as my mun gets a moment's free-time.

Oh, and there will be another game on Saturday night, to make up for last week's lack of game. ;)
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[28 Oct 2003|09:17am]

Oi... my mun's been running herself ragged, and dragging me with her. Anyway... we are going to (hopefully) have two games this week, to make up for last week. Tomorrow night good for anyone for the first one? It would start after 6 pm (EST), and run until about 11:30, one hopes.

The second one can either be run Friday night, or Saturday night. She's leaning more towards Saturday night, because there might be clubbing going on Friday night (Halloween and all). And the mun might go see KMFDM at Water Street ::throws a can of Pepsi at her head::. No, I'm not bitter. ::mutters under breath:: But either way, reply to this and let us know. One of the games will involve a Halloween party in either the Great Hall, or at Hogsmeade.

::shakes his costume out:: Oh aye, you know you want me. ::laughs::
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Rawrgh.... [21 Oct 2003|02:27pm]

It is with a heavy heart I have to type this...


There is too much shite the mun has to do, it turns out. The mortgage broker never called, so she has to call her Aunt. She has to have a "chat" with her stepmother (she'll explain in her next entry). She needs to bathe because she's stinky and reeks of elderberries... ::gets a shoe thrown at him:: Ow... She also needs to go pick up a foam latex mask for her undeserving boyo, and have a crash course in how to paint foam latex.

Also, she is in obscene amounts of physical pain, not to mention the fact that a few key players are going to be really late (not their fault!), or can't show up. The game is going to be postponed...

Tomorrow night sound good?
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Game... [20 Oct 2003|12:24pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Okay guys... as of right now, my mun says GAME IS TOMORROW NIGHT. We're going to try to start anytime between 6pm and 7pm, depending on how many people are there. If not enough people show up, there's a window of time where my mun doesn't have to work 13-hour days... Those days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday is a 13-hour work day for the mun, and Saturday is out for many, many, many reasons... One of them being a house-warming party for her sister, the other being a Halloween party for which she needs to prepare herself and her boyo for.

So, aye... tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday are the gaming days of this week. We're shooting for tomorrow. Thank you very much, and go out and kiss a Scotsman today! >D

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Boooyah! [15 Oct 2003|04:18pm]

Game will start shortly after six tonight. I would've posted this sooner, but I had to run all the way back to Rochester from Syracuse because A CERTAIN MUN decided to leave me out there... not that Noa's company was unpleasant, mind you. ;)

::gets smacked:: Ow... anyway... see you all tonight!
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Okay.... [11 Oct 2003|10:57pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

So... uh... hi everybody! Um... there will be no game this Tuesday, because Noa will be driven home by my mun. And I will be driving them both crazy by sitting in the back seat, strumming my guitar, and playing bad folk ballads. Made up off the top of my head, of course.

Also... as of now, the mun has temporary nannyship of Turbatus. This is Noa's baby (and what a fine, lovely baby it is!), and she doesn't plan to bastardize, maim, or otherwise torture or distort said game. This is merely temporary, and the reins will be turned back over to Noa when asked for. Phear...

All righty then... how does Wednesday, for this coming week, sound for everyone?

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[20 Sep 2003|06:22pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

::does his best impression of crickets chirping, fails miserably::


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Heads up... [19 Aug 2003|09:58am]

[ mood | tired ]

Just wanted to let people know that there will be no game tonight. I just from vacation last night, and promised my dad that I would visit with him this evening. However, if people are around, I'll run this week's game on Thursday.

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No Rhys [15 Aug 2003|10:54am]

I can't make Tuesday's meeting because I will be at camp. MISS ME!
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Hola [06 Aug 2003|10:47am]

Yes, I will be playing Professor Rhys Finbar of Divination. Don't drink tea infront of me, I will predict your DOOM! Mwahaha! Okay that was a little over rated but nonetheless I think I got the point across.
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